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Grapewood Frame & Axles

How to find a great automotive service company?

We think you just did!  Not many businesses can say they have been in business for over 90 years – Grapewood Frame & Axles can!  If our customers didn’t trust us, we would have been out of business long ago. Since we have been keeping records, most customers return to us for future services – We have been servicing some vehicles for over 10 years! -many with over 100,000 Miles!

These two things on their own say a ton about Grapewood Frame and Axles and our quality services. Many of our customers are from Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville, Michigan and other locations in Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon and Allegan Counties. Others drive hundreds of miles because of our reputation for some specialty services like our service on Airstream RV’s.

There are several key relationships in life where trust tops most other factors. These top-level relationships are usually not self-initiated – rather someone you know and trust introduces you to someone that they trust, in other words, provides a referral – If you have been referred to Grapewood Frame & Axles by one of our many satisfied customers, be sure to let us know. If you are a satisfied customer, please “Like” us on Facebook – we  are sure your friends will want to know.

Automotive Services We Provide

Our name doesn’t do us descriptive justice – we are so much more than automotive frame straightening and axle repair and maintenance.  Yes, we still straighten automotive frames, fix axles and pack wheel bearings, we probably always will – but we are trusted specialists in servicing vehicle suspension, wheel alignment, steering and brakes systems and also perform many other common vehicle services.

Beyond providing superior handling and stability – wheel alignment, steering and vehicle suspension all operate together in providing vehicle operating safety. The regular review of these systems can significantly extend tire life and improve vehicle gas mileage. When your brake pedal feel spongy or mushy or you feel vibrations, things go “clunk”, you hear scraping noises, or your car drifts, pulls or the steering wheel is crooked – these are all indicators of some sort of problem – that if ignored will only get more costly to repair.

You can contact us right now to request an appointment – use the “call us now” feature or if it is after business hours, send us your inquiry and questions using the form below. We will contact you promptly.